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KBS Music Bank. E468. 080718.

I'm not sure if this is allowed... I got it from CB? But I read the rules and it says "on rare occasions people will spare mirros/links", so I assume this is okay. If not, mods, please delete this post.

MC-ed by Tablo and Min Seo Hyeon

01 Lee Ji Soo - Drive
02 AJOO (feat. Younha) - Paparazzi
03 New Day (feat. Brian) - Show How
04 2AM - Ee No Rae (This Song)
05 Lee Ji Chan - Haengbokhaeyahae
06 Moon Ji Eun - Molra Molra
07 V.O.S. - Beautiful Life
08 The Nuts - HanDu Beon
09 Taeyang - Naman Barabwa (Look Only at Me)
10 J-Walk - My Love
11 Hong Kyung Min [Comeback Stage]- Dolahwa Dolahwa
12 Super Junior Happy - Yoriwang
13 Shin Ji [Comeback Stage]- Haedeulnal
14 Choi Jeong Won - Sunshine on Summertime
15 MC Mong (feat. M.A.C.) - Michigaesseo
16 Da Vichi - SarangGwa JeonJaeng (Love and War)
17 So Hot - Wonder Girls

18 Lee Hyo Ri [Comeback Stage]- Invincible Lee Hyo Ri
19 Lee Hyo Ri [Comeback Stage]- U-Go-Girl

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